Monday, 21 July 2008

How to manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections

I my job as SharePoint Consultant I work on many different customer locations with many different SharePoint servers and thus many remote server connections. 

I found a good tool to manage all my Remote Desktop connections for each customer, something better than the standard "remote desktop connection" in Windows XP or Vista.

and ... it's a free tool ...

visionapp Remote Desktop (vRD 1.5)
You can download it here:

There is also a more advanced version available
(read: you have to pay for it ...) visionapp Remote Desktop 2008


visionapp Remote Desktop 2008 (vRD 2008) is a powerful tool for managing and accessing multiple Windows servers and desktops via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol).

There is a nice comparison sheet between the free and the pro version:

Previously i used Royal TS

but Visionapp has one big difference that you can define your user accounts centrally so if your password changes, you can update it once and all your Remote Desktop connections are up to date.  With Royal TS i need to update them one by one.

Monday, 14 July 2008

How to install Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint 2007

Last week i needed to install Forms Based Authentication (FBA) in SharePoint 2007.

This article was a good help for me:

Configuring Forms Authentication in SharePoint 2007

Once configured you need a good solution to manage the users and roles for your site and if possible IN SharePoint and not in another application.  I found a cool project on Codeplex that had these requirements!

Forms Base Authentication Tools and Utils for SharePoint 2007


Click here if you want to see more screenshots

Why using MS Office 2007 with SharePoint 2007?

If you are using SharePoint 2007, why should you upgrade from MS Office 2003 to MS Office 2007?  Here is a list of the additional end-user benefits realized when interfacing with SharePoint 2007:

Another good article on this topic: MS Office Integration with SharePoint [Fair, Good, Better and Best]

Friday, 11 July 2008

How to hide buttons in SharePoint - SharePoint Toolbar Manager

Today i needed a solution to hide the new button in a view. If found an elegant solution on Codeplex, the "Toolbar Manager"

Toolbar ManagerThis Feature allows you to selectively show and hide menu items on the standard list/library toolbar. The feature adds a new web part to the gallery that you can place on any list/library view page. Once placed on the page, you can use the properties of the web part to show or hide menu items. This is the perfect solution for hiding a single menu item such as “Export to Spreadsheet” to prevent users from taking that action.

A complete article on this feature can be found here:!8F5DEA8AEA9E6FBB!280.entry

This feature belongs to the "SharePoint 2007 Features" on Codeplex which contains many other interesting features!

Have a look at it!